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fractalus gallery is Copyright © 1996-2004 Damien M. Jones.
Fractal Images by Sharon Webb is Copyright © 1997-2003 Sharon Webb.
Cheshire Cat Fractals is Copyright © 1997-2004 Alice Kelley.
Gumbycat's Cyberhome is Copyright © 1995-2004 AllisonArt.
Kerry Mitchell Gallery is Copyright © 1997-2004 L. Kerry Mitchell.
Sylvie Gallet's Fractal Gallery is Copyright © 1995-2003 Sylvie Gallet.
Fractal Dimensions, Fractal Lakes, and Multifractal Images are Copyright © 1997-2003 Lee H. Skinner.
Gallery Impulse is Copyright © 1998-2001 Margaret and Jack Valero.
Fractal Dimentia is Copyright © 1999-2003 Mark Townsend.
Fractal Art by Paul DeCelle is Copyright © 1999-2004 Paul DeCelle.
Fractal Art Galleries is Copyright © 1999-2004 Daniel Kuzmenka.
SteveC's Home pages and software are Copyright © 1998-2004 Steve Coast.

Fractal-Art Manifesto is Copyright © 1999 L. Kerry Mitchell.

File Libraries contents are Copyright © 1984-2004 by their respective authors and artists.

Mailing List Archives are Copyright © 2001-2004 by their respective authors. These archives have more detailed policies regarding copyrights as well.

Remaining site pages (including this section and the Fractal Information section) are Copyright © 1997-2004 Damien M. Jones.

Questions about re-use of any material on this web site should be directed to the webmasters via the feedback page.

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