About This Site

About the Images

The fractals and graphics on these pages were made from a variety of programs.

The 3D Fractalscapes () were created using a wide variety of graphics programs. Each Fractalscape contains at least one fractal which may be used as a 3D object or terrain, a mapping material, or a texture.

To create a Fractalscape image, I use several software programs from among the following: Bryce, Painter, Picture Publisher, PhotoShop, Poser, Simply 3 D and Vue d' Esprit.

Fractals are done with a number of programs. I use many of Stephen C. Ferguson's excellent programs which include Flarium, Tierazon, & Sterling. I also use UltraFractal, XenoDream, and the Quaternion Fractal Package.



About the Music

The original MIDI music on this site is fractal in origin. Some fractal themes are extracted from my Flarium images using ArtSong 2.0, while other themes are generated by Music By the Numbers. I then alter these themes for more musicality and phrasing and process them further on the Koan Pro Music System where ambient sounds and various rhythmic effects are added. Finally, the music is ported into MidiSoft Studio Recording Session and Power Tracks Pro Audio for final tweaking.

About the Prints

Some of the images on this web site may be purchased as photoprints.

For more information, go to: Order Prints

For enquiries as to which prints are available, email: Sharon Webb

Legal Stuff

All images, gif animations, and MIDI music on this site are copyright Sharon Webb, 1997-2001. No images, animations, or music may be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of the author.

Images, music, and animations may be downloaded for your personal desktop use, but may not be reproduced, altered, used on websites without permission, or offered for sale.

Wallpaper may be used on personal or commercial web sites as well as on desktops, but may not be offered for sale. A link back to this site would be appreciated.

The term "Fractalscape" or "Fractalscapes" may not be used for any commercial purpose without the express permission of the author.

Fractalscapes Sharon Webb, 1997-2001