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nce upon a time, a fractal artist put up a web site.
    Years ago, this web site started out as a small gallery and personal site for just one person. But it's grown considerably since then, both in the amount of content hosted and the number of visitors who come to see it. We're glad you came to visit, and we're a also little bit shocked that you actually visited this page, because almost nobody does.
    fractalus.com exists to showcase fractal art, provide information about fractals, and promote fractals in general. We (the artists who build and maintain this site) want to show you our very best; we create this art because we love to do it. We're happy to share this with you, but we would appreciate it if you would respect our wishes regarding image re-use and copyrights.
    We've tried to construct this site to behave properly in most browsers, but it's possible that it does not work properly in yours. If so, please let us know (politely) and we will fix it if we can.
    Since this is an art site, we do recommend that you set your computer's display to at least 800x600 and thousands or millions (not 256) colors. It will still work if you don't do this, but it won't look nearly as nice, and we'd really like for you to see our art in its best possible presentation.
    We hope you enjoy your visit!
  Your hosts,
Damien, Sharon, Alice, Linda, Kerry, Sylvie,
Jack, Margaret, Mark, Paul, Dan, and Steve


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