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verything is different.
    Well, perhaps not everything. One thing that never seems to change is that there is always too much to do, and not enough time to do it in. This site revision has been years in the making--a few hours, here and there, snatched from the insanity of normal life.
    In the time it's taken to rebuild this site with all its new features, we've had a chance to think about why we do this to ourselves. Why we pay to have this site hosted, why we don't run ads... why we create art in the first place, and share it here. And realized you, the web site visitor, probably don't care about the reasons. So we won't bore you with them any further.
    We've rebuilt the site to include better searching and more dynamic content... updated file libraries and added new mailing list tools. We've simplified the layout and, overall, we hope we've made things better. If you see something you especially like (or dislike), please let us know.

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