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Sterling Fractals

Fractals II   Created 12/19/01

Fractals I   Created 12/18/01


XenoDream Images

Fractals    Created 12/19/01

Animals    Created 12/19/01

Sketches    Created 12/19/01


Ultra Fractal Images

Ultra    Created 12/20/01


3D Quaternions & More

Slide Show   Created 12/20/01



Fractalscapes IV   Created 12/21/01

Fractalscapes III   Created 9/13/98

Fractalscapes II   Created 9/13/98

Fractalscapes I   Created 8/03/97

Moods and Faces

Moods II   Created 12/21/01

Moods   Created 9/19/98


Animations   Created 12/23/01



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  "Fractal Dance" MIDI Sharon Webb, 1998.

All images Sharon Webb, 1997-2001

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