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n addition to this web site, fractalus.com hosts several fractal-related mailing lists. These discussion groups are filled with people who are talking about fractals, sharing information and artwork, and helping others solve problems.

This list has been shut down and is no longer available.

The PhiloFractal discussion list is for discussing more philosophical aspects of fractals, science, and the universe.
Ultra Fractal

This list is for discussing Ultra Fractal, created by Frederik Slijkerman. In addition to sharing tips and techniques, answering questions on how to use the software, and announcements when new versions are available, this list actively shares fractal images in the form of parameters.
Ultra Fractal Beta

This is a private discussion list, with membership by invitation only.

This list is for discussing Apophysis, a free (open source) program created by Mark Townsend for designing "flame fractals" that may also be used with Ultra Fractal.

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