Fractal Lakes

Here are some of Lee Skinner's latest creations. They are not on his CD "Fractal Dimensions".  All are 640x480 JPGs.

ml08402.jpg, 161 K ml10101.jpg, 193 K ml11401.jpg, 128 K
ml12401.jpg, 174 K ml13401.jpg, 132 K ml16201.jpg, 102 K
ml17704.jpg, 186 K ml19701.jpg, 154 K ml20303.jpg, 150 K
ml20801.jpg, 166 K ml23601.jpg, 115 K ml26701.jpg, 118 K

Here are the parameters and the formulas needed to generate these images with Fractint.


Parameters and images © Copyright Lee H. Skinner, 1997-2000. All rights reserved.