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These images by Lee Skinner all use Albrecht Niekamp's Multifractal and Multifractal_1 formulas.

Click on the thumbnails for 640x480 JPGs and on the titles under the thumbnails for 1600x1200 GIFs.

E.T., 229 K Boomerangs, 161 K Icy Salad Mandelbrot, 166 K
884 K

541 K

Icy Salad Mandelbrot
995 K

Kayak Landing, 171 K Tri-Crevice, 288 K Alternating 3's and 5's, 261 K
Kayak Landing
510 K

741 K

Alternating 3's and 5's
1043 K

Elliptic Midget, 217 K Spiny Mandelbrot, 181 K Yankee Doodle, 237 K
Elliptic Midget
1732 K

Spiny Mandelbrot
601 K

Yankee Doodle
852 K

Boobs on the Side, 136 K Hallucinations, 234 K Raining Cats and Dogs, 261 K
Boobs on the Side
577 K

796 K

Raining Cats and Dogs
778 K

Tokyo Disneyland, 232 K Oil Under the Sea, 140 K UFO Blastoff, 298 K
Tokyo Disneyland
805 K

Oil Under the Sea
281 K

UFO Blastoff
1077 K

Nutcraker Fantasy, 212 K Cardioid Face, 285 K Mononoke Forest Spirits, 275 K
Nutcraker Fantasy
751 K

Cardioid Face
1149 K

Mononoke Forest Spirits
939 K

Moonrise, 178 K Puppy and Fish, 223 K Tadpole Junction, 255 K
516 K

Puppy and Fish
743 K

Tadpole Junction
958 K

Shadowlands, 193 K Pagoda in Cherry Blossums, 210 K Floating Debris, 287 K
590 K

Pagoda in Cherry Blossums
692 K

Floating Debris
1298 K

Germinating Mandelbrot, 317 K Sharp Edge - Fuzzy Center, 292 K Far Sighted, 222 K
Germinating Mandelbrot
1303 K

Sharp Edge - Fuzzy Center
1365 K

Far Sighted
1031 K

X-Ray Vision, 286 K One Ring to Rule Them All, 297 K Alien Outpost at Sunset, 229 K
X-Ray Vision
1047 K

One Ring to Rule Them All
1176 K

Alien Outpost at Sunset
712 K

Here are the
parameters and formula needed to generate these images with Fractint.

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Parameters and images © Copyright Lee H. Skinner, 2003. All rights reserved.