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f you want to see more fractals, there is no shortage of other sites you can view. Many of these sites are linked from the Infinite Fractal Loop. But even so, there are many sites on the Loop. Here is a small selection of sites that we think are especially worth visiting.
Janet Parke's Fractal Art Galleries This link leads to another site.

Janet Parke has a uniquely elegant style in building her fractals. She has a knack for subtle texture and color, and she has been able to sell prints of her work. Go visit and you'll see why. Her site also serves as one of the major hubs for information relating to Ultra Fractal.
Chaoscopia This link leads to another site.

Etienne Saint-Amant creates amazing, moody pieces with intense atmosphere. Prints are available here. If you live in Québec you can probably see his artwork on display in various locations (details on his site).
aartika! This link leads to another site.

Tina Oloyede has a different style from Janet, a very different kind of texturing. In addition to a large collection of her own work, Tina has several guest galleries.
Synaptic Junctions This link leads to another site.

Michael Ray's slightly different take on fractal style; images with unusual shapes and colorings, in an elegant presentation.

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