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rom time to time people ask me how I make fractals. Whenever I give presentations on fractals, the audience almost expects me to produce a fantastic work of art on the spot. Well, it's just not that easy. I wanted to put together a simple presentation of what really goes on in the fractal creation process.
    What follows is a peek into that process. I didn't know when I started whether I was going to produce anything good; for a while it looked like I wouldn't. I've included all of the steps I took that I could record. That means all of the dead ends, the mistakes, and the happy accidents. I wrote these notes the day after creating the image, so the thought process was still fresh on my mind, but I wrote with the advantage of hindsight.
    This is not a step-by-step tutorial, in the sense that you can follow it as a recipe for building your own fractals just like this one. You could do that, if you had Ultra Fractal 3 and all the parameters, but that's not the point here, which is why the parameters aren't available. The point is to show you some of the thought process, the work, the experimentation, and the determined path, all of which play a part in the fractal creation process. And in this write-up, you get to see all of the steps in rapid succession; because the formulas used are all very slow, this took many hours of work to do, in one long, marathon session.

Ready? Choose from the fully annotated version or the animated slideshow.

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