May 5, 1999
The long-awaited improved stats script is now online. This runs much, much faster than before, and imposes less load on the server. In fact, it's more than six times faster than before, and the core analysis code is more than fifteen times faster.
         Long live C.

March 20, 1999
Big changes.
         First of all, you can now edit your own site information with the Loop Member Log-in page. You'll need your password and your site ID; if you've forgotten either, you can ask me and I'll send your password to you.
         Second, due to some behind-the-scenes work that you can't see, my own Loop administration chores are now much easier. This means that I can review new sites more quickly, and make other changes more easily. All the sites waiting in the queue are now being processed; this could push the IFL past 160 member sites.
         Third, somebody decided to hammer the stats page again. I really don't know why people write stupid robots that don't honor the robots.txt file, but they seem to keep popping up from time to time. To solve the problem (permanently) I'll have to rewrite the core log analysis code in C (not Perl) so instead of taking fifteen seconds to produce a page, it will take two. Until this is done, the hot links in the stats page that change sort order and filtering will remain invalid, although the stats page will still be updated every hour.
         There are several new features I plan to add to the IFL this year, but for now I'm not going to say much more about them. (smile) I've moved the old news off to another page to keep this page small.

In other news, the IFL (along with the rest of have had a little bit of publicity. First there was a nice bit in the German magazine c't in their 4/99 issue—I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive, which should be a few more weeks. Then, OpenNote Magazine had a small piece about fractals in their March issue, with a very nice reference to this site. (I may catch some flak for that quote.) :)

Got news?
If you've got some fractal news you think should be posted here (like maybe your site got an award?) then please tell me.

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