On each page in the Infinite Fractal Loop, generally towards the bottom, you will find a Loop banner which you can use to move from site to site within the Loop. Although the banners may differ slightly in appearance, they will contain some or all of the following elements:

The Infinite Fractal Loop - Click on the logo to visit the Loop's home page. There you can read about the Loop's purpose and submit your own page to be included in the Loop.

Click this to move to the previous site in the Loop.

Click this to move to the next site in the Loop.

Note that the Loop is just that—a loop—so if you keep clicking "next" you will eventually visit all the sites in the Loop and end up back where you started. (That's sort of the whole idea!)

HELP - Clicking this button will bring you here. (Imagine that! Help on the Internet!)

NEXT 5 - Clicking this will show you a list of the next five sites in the Loop; you can then choose which one you'd like to see (or view a list of the next five after that).

RANDOM - Choosing this option will take you to a random site on the Loop. Helpful if you're not sure where to begin!

SKIP 1 - This button will let you skip over the next site and go to the one after it. If you are having trouble with a particular site in the Loop not responding, you can click this to get past it and continue browsing the Loop. (If the problem with a site persists, please let me know).

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