Step 2: Save the Graphics

Right-click on the images below (click and hold for a Mac) and choose "Save Picture As..." to save each image to your system.


Step 3: Copy the Code

Now drag the cursor over the following text, right-click (click and hold for a Mac), and choose "Copy". Open up the HTML file for your web page and paste in the text you just copied:

<IMG SRC="ifl-home.gif" WIDTH=182 HEIGHT=28 ALT="Infinite Fractal Loop Home Page" BORDER=0 HSPACE=0></A><A
 TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="ifl-prev.gif" WIDTH=21 HEIGHT=28 ALT="Previous site in the Loop" BORDER=0></A><A
 TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="ifl-help.gif" WIDTH=46 HEIGHT=28 ALT="Help using the Loop" BORDER=0></A><A
 TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="ifl-next5.gif" WIDTH=65 HEIGHT=28 ALT="Shows next five sites in the Loop" BORDER=0></A><A
 TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="ifl-random.gif" WIDTH=75 HEIGHT=28 ALT="Visit a random site in the Loop" BORDER=0></A><A
 TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="ifl-skip.gif" WIDTH=58 HEIGHT=28 ALT="Skip over next site in the Loop" BORDER=0></A><A
 TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="ifl-next.gif" WIDTH=23 HEIGHT=28 ALT="Next site in the Loop" BORDER=0></A>
Step 4: Edit the Site ID

The URLs in the above HTML code need to know the site ID for your page in the Loop in order to produce the correct "next" and "previous" sites. This site ID is a number that will be assigned to you when you are accepted into the Loop.
         After pasting the above code into your HTML file, you need to change all occurrences of YOURIDHERE to the number provided. For example, if your site ID is 36, you would change this:


to this:


The changes have been highlighted for you. Remember that you need to change all occurrences of YOURIDHERE, not just the one shown!

Step 5: Send Me Mail

After you've done the first four steps, you need to send me mail indicating that you've added the Loop code to your web page and that you'd like to be fully inserted into the Loop. You can do that by clicking here.

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