Once you've completed the sign-up form your site will be added to the queue of waiting sites. It will be reviewed to verify that it meets the guidelines and is Loop material. Once that review has taken place (usually within a week or so) you will receive a notice indicating whether your site was accepted or not.
         If you are accepted, you are still not quite part of the Loop yet. You will need to insert one of the Loop navigation bars below to the page you specified on the sign-up form. Just follow the instructions, starting with Step 1. Once you have done that, you should notify me that you have done so, and I will actually insert your site into the Loop.
         Please do not insert a Loop navigation bar into your page until you have received a notice that you are accepted to the Loop. Until you are actually inserted into the Loop (after I have verified that the code has been added properly) the navigation bar won't work, anyway. All you'll do is irritate your visitors and possibly generate complaint mail. You'll also irritate me, and while that's unlikely to hurt your chances of being accepted into the Loop (I'm not that petty) it will make it look like you can't follow directions. :)
         If you are having trouble with these directions, it's entirely possible it's not you—sometimes my directions are not clear, I'm told. So if you get stuck, and can't seem to figure out what's wrong, and the FAQ doesn't have the answer, you should just ask me. Really.

Step 1: Choose Your Banner

There are several banners for you to choose from. Click the banner you think will look best with your pages. The first two banners are available in a variety of colors—you'll get a chance to pick the color in Step 2. They also have transparent areas to blend with backgrounds.

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