The Infinite Fractal Loop (IFL) was started by Douglas Cootey in January of 1997, to showcase the finest fractal art on the net. Douglas maintained the loop in fine form until July, when increasing success in his freelance work left him insufficient time to continue. At that point, he turned the loop over to Damien Jones, who currently maintains it. In June of 1999, Janet Preslar began assisting Damien in loop maintenance.
         Unlike some web rings, the IFL is not meant to be an exhaustive collection of its subject matter. Rather, it is intended to represent the best. The intent is to make your visit through the loop enjoyable, and for you to want to come back. For this reason, we do not accept every site that applies for membership in the loop. We are sorry that we cannot include everyone. If you are not accepted, you should receive a message indicating why not. Please do not get discouraged; keep trying, keep exploring, and apply again later!

         Douglas Cootey's Gallery: The Fractal Art Parade
         Damien Jones' Gallery: fractalus galleries
         Janet Preslar's Gallery: FrActivity


When the IFL was created, it used a service provided by WebRing for linking sites together. Early in 1998, the IFL abandoned WebRing and began using its own script, dubbed TheWay. (It's an obscure science fiction reference.)
         Although this script was created to run the Infinite Fractal Loop, it is a general purpose web ring script capable of handling many rings on a single server. When it's more complete, the code will be available for free download. If you have questions about TheWay, you can use the Feedback link below to contact me. For now, you can see some of the work in progress by looking at TheWay's documentation.


If you need to contact me regarding anything about management of the Infinite Fractal Loop, or a technical problem with these pages, you can do so here.

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