Most of the artwork in this gallery is available for sale, in the form of posters or fine art prints. They make great gifts. Large prints are excellent for   Searching for images is easy. If you have specific colors you are looking for, you can use the search tool and select the colors you want; images that are
displaying the incredibly fine detail in fractal artwork, and the process I use for my Fine Art Prints ensures exceptional detail, bold coloring, and long print life. These are the same prints I use for exhibitions.
    Because so many of my images are available as prints (almost all of them, in fact) and the prices for prints vary with the size and type of print you want, the easiest way to find out how much it costs is to find the image you want and click the
Thunderhead, framed and on display
predominantly those colors will be listed first. You can also use that tool to choose images that fit certain proportions (tall and skinny, square, wide). You can also browse the galleries to find artwork; in many cases, images in a similar style are grouped next to each other, as they were created at the same time.
    Customized images are available if there are special requirements. Fractals are a difficult medium to work with, and some requests cannot be
print pricing button in the lower right corner. This will show you specific prints and products for that image.   accomodated with the current tool technology available, but many other special requests can be satisfied. Please just inquire.
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