This gallery, including all of the artwork, text, HTML, scripting, and support graphics, is Copyright © 1996-2005 Damien M. Jones. Other areas of this site are covered by different copyrights.
    All of the artwork here was created with substantial effort; if you've ever tried to produce artwork with fractal software, you know that it does not happen by itself. I have made this artwork available on this site for your enjoyment. I ask that you respect my wishes on how you use these images, as they are not in the public domain.
    You may use the artwork here for the following purposes without asking explicit permission:
  • For simple viewing or as desktop wallpaper on your personal system. However, including any artwork here in a theme you're building to distribute does require permission.
  • In presentations and multimedia projects you create for school or work, provided it's for a single use and not for a presentation you'll be making on a repeated basis.
  • To print for your personal enjoyment. If you plan on selling prints, though, you must contact me; this requires permission, and you will probably want high-resolution versions of the images to produce quality prints.
  All other uses require permission, as there may be a fee involved or other conditions. Inquiries for book covers, calendars, posters, and other commercial uses are welcome.
    The following uses are usually not permitted, regardless of offered fee:
  • In a web page on another site, especially as a background.
  • As an identifying image (avatar) in a web-based message board or chat room.
  • In connection with any racist or hate organization, with pornographic content, spamming, cracking, illegal drug advocacy groups, or groups engaged in other illegal activities.
I reserve the right (seldom exercised) to refuse requests for any reason. This is not to be mean, it is simply so that I can choose how my artwork is used. Please allow 7-14 days for me to respond to your request.

This site has a policy prohibiting links directly to images. For the curious, here is an explanation.

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Copyright © 1996-2005 Damien M. Jones