I have an entire web site with information about myself. It also includes some choice commentary about just how silly and conceited such self-focused   In addition to creating fractal artwork for a number of years, I've also had the privilege of being part of the growing fractal community on the net. I have
web sites are.
    I was born in England, several decades ago. I was introduced to fractals more than fifteen years ago, as a mathematical curiosity--but they have fascinated me ever since. I've had to learn quite a bit more mathematics to help me understand what's going on inside fractals, but primarily my explorations come from an intuitive grasp of fractals.
    In 1995, my focus shifted, from simply exploring fractals to actually developing them as an art form. This, coupled with discovering new techniques for coloring fractals, was the start of my fractal art "career".
    Since then, my work has appeared on book covers, calendars, and posters, and in
(the artist)
helped to run several fractal contests, I am the moderator for two fractal-related e-mail lists, and I helped run the Infinite Fractal Loop. I have helped beta-test two major versions of Ultra Fractal, my preferred fractal tool. And I provide hosting for this and other fractal-related web sites.
    The past few years have seen some fantastic new developments in fractal art, as new software, techniques, and formulas were introduced and became widespread. I expect even more radical changes in the next few years, as well as more acceptance for fractal art in traditional art circles.
    For me, fractals are a "serious hobby". But I keep it in perspective; they're just one
international exhibitions. And I haven't stopped creating art; although I am often busy with other projects, I make sure I take time to create.   part of my life, not the whole of it. If my livelihood depended on them, I don't think I would enjoy them nearly as much.
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