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Alice Kelley's Seeking the Spiral Fractal Gallery


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 Other Flame Fractal Galleries 

Julia wires

Earliest flames


I began using Apophysis to create flames in 2002. I am still learning how to use the program.

Organic yet unearthly, flame fractals seem to emerge from the darkness, glowing with their own inner light; they seem to hint at their forms rather than having sharp edges. They can look like translucent living beings, plant shapes, feathers, and swirling smoke. I never get tired of them.

I decided not to name my flames, instead letting the viewer decide what they see. They are identified only by numbers.

Flame fractals are single-layer images with no post-processing. I offer two free flame screensavers.

Please use the gallery and "next image" buttons at the bottoms of pages, like the ones below, to navigate between galleries or see the images one after another.



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