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our privacy is important to us.
    To prove it, we've made this site so that it only asks you for personal information when it absolutely needs it. For example, when you send us feedback, we ask for your e-mail address so that we can reply. Your address is never given to anyone else without your permission; we will not sell it under any circumstances, nor will we ever send you bulk mail. We won't post it on a web site (even the 1999 contest participants' addresses aren't posted) and we will never post it to a newsgroup. We get enough spam sent to us, we already know what a problem it is!
    This site does not rely on "cookies". It doesn't use them at all.
    All web servers perform some logging as you view pages from them. This logging serves two major purposes. First and foremost, it tells us which pages people visit most. To determine this we run log analysis tools which summarize the traffic to different areas of the site; we don't look at the raw data simply because there's too much of it. Second, it helps us identify problems with the site, by recording extra information whenever you try to access a page that either isn't there or is behaving erratically. For each file your browser fetches from this web server, the server records the time, your IP address, the page you are requesting, the web browser you are using, and the page that triggered the request.
    We want you to be comfortable in your visit here. And we know that if we invade your privacy, you won't be comfortable.

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