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his is not an easy site to host.
    Eye-candy sites like this one have the hardest time finding hosting. Eye candy consumes substantial portions of both hard drive space and bandwidth, neither of which comes cheap in today's Internet. Asking for hosting rates on sites swallowing 11G of storage and 120G per month of bandwidth produces all kinds of reactions, ranging from mirthful giggles to choking apoplexy.
    This site, along with all the other sites in the fractalus network, is hosted on a dedicated server at a small hosting facility in Rockford, Illinois. We pay for this ourselves, because we want to share our art with you our way. We could subsidize this cost by sticking ad banners everywhere, but we don't—we're sufficiently proud of our art that we don't want tacky ads ruining its display.
    Every once in a while people ask us if we can host their site. We're not in the general hosting business—bandwidth costs us money, and we'd just as soon not try to run a web hosting business, because that takes time away from creating our art and building our site. We're flattered that you thought of us, but please don't be offended when we say no. From time to time we have extended an offer to host a site, but this is strictly by invitation, and nobody hosts here without knowing fully what they're getting into.

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